Toronto School District School Board
for KICKS Sick Kids Turkey Lunch

We want to thank you and for KICKS Program for your partnership and support of our student leadership and parent involvement initiative. Our for KICKS student team and our parent coaches have become active leaders within our school. Last year, our students and coaches were seen as a empowering our community. Our students see themselves as being responsible citizens and our parents believe that they have a role to play within our school.

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For KICKS Provides

Clinic Certificates for attendees

Mentor Certificate Course (1 Day)

Leadership Certification Course (2 Day)
(pre requisite Mentor Certificate Course)

Referee Certification

Coaching Certification

Brian Budd Memorial “PAL” Award (Professionalism, Athleticism, Leadership)

Leadership Award

Community Dedication Award

Volunteer of the year Award (in memory of Fred Hicks)

Youth Mentorship Award