Generation Change

Some people believe that the current generation is the lost generation. We disagree with that. We believe that with some guidance, encouragement and ongoing education, this can be a generation of change.


Mission Statement

To operate athletic and educational programs for youth at risk, with a focus on training and empowering students to take charge of their own wellness, leadership and life -skills; and to encourage the sharing of this knowledge with their families, fellow students and the communities they live in.

Vision Statement

The Program involves youth of all ages and all education levels from elementary to University. Youth must be recognized as having some sort of leadership potential and must promote tolerance and acceptance. Discrimination based on sex, race, culture, profession, or economic status will not be tolerated. Youth routinely become more active and accepted within their community and are encouraged to promote and maintain better relations with the police and teachers. Attendance / Participation is an integral part of the program.