Founder, Chief of Operations:
Stephen Hicks

Sergeant Stephen Hicks, the son of a retired Toronto Police officer founded forKICKS in 1999. Highly decorated as a Police Officer, Stephen is also an accomplished athlete in multiple sports – both as a competitor and in coaching. Having worked in the fields of life guarding, parks and recreation and hotel management. Has lectured teachers, school administrators, students, police officers and community group, Stephen commits countless hours of volunteer work in both Toronto and Durham regions. Stephen Hicks also founded KICKS FUND, a vibrant non profit organization that raises funds for Sick Children’s Hospital.

Co-founder, Facilitation Director: Glenn Jones

Glenn assisted Steve Hicks with putting forKICKS into action in 31 Division. Glenn has continued to support the program and is an mainstay with many events. Glenn has recently fulfilled his position as a School Resource Officer where he obtained valuable knowledge. Glenn has a university degree in Criminology specializing in youth crime. Glenn has also accompanied Stephen on various bike rides to Calgary and New York City to raise funds for the Sick Kids Hospital.

Director of Communications: Peter Duncan

Sergeant Peter Duncan has worked in various fields ranging from music to sales to hotels, both in Vancouver and later in Toronto. Peter is an accomplished athlete in multiples sports – both as a competitor and in coaching. Peter writes extensively on high-risk youth issues and effective intervention. He has lectured prosecutors, teachers, school administrators, students, police officers and community groups.

Board of Directors

Stephen Hicks – Chair/Founder
Glenn Jones – Vice Chair
Tim Watson – Secretary
Kim Pividor – Treasurer
Robert Iarusci (TASC Sports Village) – Board
Brandon Stanway (DRPS) – Board
Brock Hicks (Youth Leader) – Jr. Board

Community Advisors

ProAction – Neelofer Samaroo
NYC LIONS CLUB – Miles Krisman
RISK MANAGEMENT – Patrick Burke (KAPit and Cricket)
T.D.S.B. – Kim Pividor (TDSB Schools)
SPECIAL NEEDS – Joe Rizzuto (Grandravine)
FLOORBALL – Juha Mikola
GOLF – RCGA/Callaway Program
HOCKEY – Nathan Staneland (HeadStart)
RUGBY – Ige Egal (TIRF)
SOCCER – Robert Iarusci (TASC)
SWIM TO SURVIVE – Steve Hicks/Kim Pividor
TRAMPOLINE – Springfree
TUG OF WAR – Peter Duncan (Highlanders/Over To You)
ULTIMATE – Ian Brooks (TUC)
G.R.E.A.T. Program – Steve Hicks/Glenn Jones
FLASHLIGHT FREDDY – Steve Hicks/Brock Hicks
K.A.P. COACH – Steve Hicks/Glenn Jones
2TOUCH – Steve Hicks/Glenn Jones/Brock Hicks
KICKS FUND – Steve Hicks/Glenn Jones/Brock Hicks