2Touch Inc

The “forKICKS” Organization – Project “2Touch Inc.”

This is a new project and undertaking aimed at recycling new and slightly used Soccer Uniforms, Boots, Bags, Suits, Trophies etc.,

(also collecting Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Judo and Tennis gear) so that they can be cleaned and prepared for use by youth involved in the “forKICKS” Programs across Toronto, Durham Region and for use in the “Goals 4 Life” Program being operated in Jamaica.

The local and overseas youth and young adults receiving this equipment are considered at-risk, by virtue of neighbourhood location, local criminal activity, lacking opportunity or Special Needs.

Currently we are seeking soccer uniforms, soccer boots and balls of various sizes, footballs, hockey sticks, helmets and skates that will be transported and donated to youth and young adults at-risk (aged 6-20 years) living in Toronto, Durham Region, Jamaica, Brazil and Haiti. These items will be used to outfit the players from various neighbourhoods that will be playing on the “forKICKS” and “Goals 4 Life” Soccer/Football/Hockey Teams.

Members of the “TPS forKICKS” Organization will be attended Jamaica on two occasions and donated thousands of designated items on behalf of Canada and also conduct some Soccer/Football/Street Hockey Clinics and Leadership Training to the players and community participants, as well as preparing areas as soccer/sports parks.

The members will consist of Toronto Police Officers, TDSB Teachers and students, Durham College/UOIT employees, Toronto Azzurri, Whitby Iroquois and Darlington Soccer Club coaches and players.